At SOLID Security Services, we endeavour to meet all consumer needs which is why we offer unique security services for your front of house needs. From restaurant, bar, event night club to hotel, we are dedicated to offering you the best service to maintain and enhance your reputation. We understand our front of house represents your establishment, hard work and reputation which is why we have merged incomparable guarding capabilities with incomparable ultimate customer service. Solid Security Services Door Supervisors has wide range of duties while on duty as below:

  • Meeting and greeting your clients with a professional manner
  • Monitoring CCTV
  • Monitoring capacities inside by using clickers
  • Check fire exits and toilets
  • Logging Door Supervisor/incident report book
  • In/out booking and identification of visitors
  • Bag searches/body searches
  • Package signing
  • Monitoring access to your premise
  • Offering assistance and assurance to visitors
  • Diffusing and preventing any unwanted situations
  • Tailored security uniform
  • Risk analysing always while on duty

Our DOOR SUPERVISOR have advance communication and advisory skills alongside security training and qualifications. Only our DOOR SUPERVISOR offer that approachable face to welcome all your guests, whilst also having the skillset to subtly diffuse any undesirable situations which may threaten the comfortable and respectable environment of your establishment.

As the Door Supervisor first impression will have a long-lasting influence on the way not only outsiders but those within your organisation view your company. Our fully trained security personnel will ensure your reception area is warm, welcoming and friendly so that any visitors to your premise feel relaxed and comfortable from the moment they step foot through the door.

Our DOOR SUPERVISOR plays a vital role in keeping everything in your business safe from expensive equipment to invaluable customer data. Here at Solid Security Services we know how important it is to keep your premises secure always.

By hiring DOOR SUPERVISOR today, we can give your workplace that level of protection and welcoming atmosphere that makes your environment that enjoyable and safe place to be.